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We invest in companies we feel have the potential to be truly great enterprises that operate on a world-class level in every respect. Indeed, we only invest if we'd like to own the company indefinitely, as we earn returns for our investors through operational improvements and prudent growth--not financial engineering.   Accordingly, we invest with the aim of owning our investments for 7-10 years versus the typical holding period of 2-5 years for traditional private equity funds.  We believe that building industry leaders with sustainable competitive advantages takes time and patience--but in the end delivers superior long-term returns.  This means that we will be thorough in our due diligence process, though our experience also allows us to be expeditious.

In line with our long-term focus, we insist that all our stakeholders--as we do of ourselves--abide by our Golden Rule of business (and of life generally):

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

For customers, this means that they will be treated honorably and with a single-minded focus on exceeding their expectations for service and quality.

For employees, this means that their career aspirations and expected rewards can extend as far as their talent and hard work will take them, without having to sacrifice their dignity and lives outside of work.

For management team partners, this means that we will give both the freedom and the support and coaching they need to build truly great, world-class companies.

For co-investors, this means resting assured that we will tend to the long-term value of their investment as we do our own, as our interests are structurally aligned.

For capital suppliers and vendors, this means we will act honorably to forge long-term, collaborative relationships that are mutually beneficial for our respective stakeholders.

For communities in which we operate, this means we will be exemplary corporate citizens, always taking great care to produce quality products and services in a responsible manner.
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