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Joshua Partners was founded in 2007 by Charles Corpening, formerly a Senior Partner with Citigroup Venture Capital (CVC), one of the world's oldest and most admired private equity pioneers, which manages global funds of over $10 billion, and its successor firm Court Square Capital Partners. He has over two decades of private equity and corporate restructuring experience. Joshua Partners is a unique private equity firm focused on the lower middle market. We are dedicated to finding and partnering with those rare companies that still believe in traditional values like passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence toward all their stakeholders. We are focused on building a highly select number of middle-market companies into enterprises with global scale and performance capabilities.

We believe that value creation is greatest and most satisfying with a long-term focus, with management viewed clearly as the single greatest asset to maximize. Because we are not a traditional fund we are immune from the familiar pressures for short-term, fee-driven transactions made attractive largely by financial engineering.

Joshua Partners brings decades of world-class financial and management expertise to bear on a highly select number of lower middle market companies led by entrepreneurial management teams with the vision and ambition to build a substantial, lasting franchise in an increasingly global economy. By partnering with and enhancing management capabilities and resources, together we seek to achieve ambitious growth objectives.
  Deliver patient equity capital and world-class structuring capability
  Actively mentor and partner with management teams to optimize corporate value.
  Incentivize and align management, employees and equity
  Aggressively pursue opportunities for long-term profitable growth
  Create great companies that benefit all stakeholders: Customers, Employees, Investors, and Communities
  Significant experience in structuring corporate partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies
  Focused on investing to create a highly select number of MBEs with the managerial talent, scale, and resources to partner successfully with Fortune 500 companies
  Joshua Partners is not a fund
  Commitment to long-term success
  Operations-focused partner
  • — Patient, loyal partner whose interests are aligned with stakeholders
  • — Commitment to building businesses while growing management capabilities and resources over the long haul
  Joshua Partners' portfolio companies are pre-qualified MBE vendors, which lowers the administrative burden of large corporations and government entities seeking a competitive advantage given changing demographics by partnering with MBEs strategically leveraging minority procurement initiatives
  • — Additional revenue streams from supplier diversity initiatives is a substantial benefit to Joshua Partners' future portfolio companies
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